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Select Freeware - Get the Best Free Stuff!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. There are a ton of freeware sites on the net these days but Select Freeware offers you something different; 'SELECT'ion. Select Freeware lists the very best freeware so there's no need to download a bunch of freeware trying to find the best one; I've done that for you! Of course, 'best' is relative but Select Freeware offers a variety of similar freeware apps that are among the best in their category.

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Select Freeware gives you detailed descriptions, screenshots and ratings for each freeware title. A really nice feature of Select Freeware is the Related links feature and the ease of navigating the site based on similar listings. Many free programs that aren't included on Select Freeware are included in the Related links area so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see if a Related link exists…

Check this site out- I'm sure you'll find a wealth of great free programs to make your computing experience more fun, safe and efficient!

Ratings, related links and screenshots for titles are continually added and updated so check back often. Please drop me a note with any issues, suggestions, etc. -Troy

Click on Title bars to view additional information about each listing

NOTE: The authors of quality Freeware DESERVE to be compensated for their hard work. If you find software that you really enjoy using, and that has bettered your computing experience, PLEASE consider a donation to the author or purchasing the Shareware version.

Select Freeware strongly recommends FireFox (or Opera) due to their increased speed, security and web standards compliance (vs. Internet Explorer). Sites like that are based on pure XHTML and CSS (tableless design) usually will NOT render perfectly in Internet Explorer due to poor CSS2/2.1 support.

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